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Full-Body-Licious Review

If you are internet savvy, you might have come across the term Full-Body-Licious during one of your regular browsing sessions. Well, it’s a fitness program designed for women that is increasingly gaining popularity online. The author is known as Flavia Del Monte who is also known for a series of wedding workout videos which she has done together with her husband. Mrs. DelMonte’s husband, Vince Del Monte is a fitness guru and they have been working together on the project. As a matter of act, the program was produced due to public demand as women have been requesting for the fitness program through emails.

If you were planning to purchase this fitness program, then you first need to know a couple of things before spending on it. Of course you wouldn’t want to buy something that will disappoint you in the first place. So in this review, I will highlight the main features of the program and you will decide whether it’s your type or you will have to use it parallel to another program.

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What Is It All About?

As mentioned earlier, Flavia DelMonte is a wife to a fitness guru and on her side; she works as a nurse and also a fitness trainer. She has been able to produce a series of DVDs targeting women and this time they wanted more so she came up with Full Body Licious. With her good background in fitness and being assisted by her husband, she has been able to use the same program to shed a substantial amount of weight.

According to Flavia, the program offers a new approach to women’s exercising, where they are supposed to gain that model like body without necessarily growing muscles. The main aim of the program is to ensure women are in a position to shed fats and remain with a well toned body. Flavia has tested the program and is confident that it’s worth it. In fact, she says that in a period of not more than 10 weeks, she was able to shed body fats from 18%-13% with the same program. She promises that if you follow the program carefully, you can as well achieve the same or even more. Well, let’s explore the content of the program.

The program is divided into five main sessions which last 60 minutes each. They include:
  • tight and trim thighs
  • show of stomach
  • booty booster
  • sleek ad shapely shoulders
  • Beautiful backside
These five main sessions are meant to exercise your entire body but putting an emphasis on a particular part of the body. Flavia’s idea was to ensure that each body part is active but specifically concentrate on a given muscle group such as the thighs. In this way, you are able to work out your whole body equally using the numerous techniques that are shown by Flavia on the program. When you are active all week, your metabolism rate will automatically increase leading to burning of numerous calories.

The program is accessible on DVD format and therefore you do not have to imagine what the exercise looks like. Flavia demonstrates every exercise slowly so that you are able to follow the instructions. When you buy the program, you are able to access PDF files that contain exercise information as well as pictures that demonstrate the movements for better understanding. The program became successful in its first week of release as most women that Flavia questioned about the work outs confirmed to have lost weight after following the program.

Does Full Body Licious Work

The benefits of the program
Full Body Licous program combines a healthy nutrition plan with some proven exercise. Since Flavia has already tested the program and proved to most of her customers that it truly delivers what it promises, it’s better to use it than try a new program that people haven’t tested. The combination of nutrition and work outs forms a great ground for the perfect body. Unlike using weight loss pills, this program ensures that your body is toned up and you have a model like figure.

The numerous strategies, exercises and work outs illustrated in the five sessions, are vital because you work on specific groups of muscles and therefore there is no way you will end up with an unbalanced body. Furthermore, each session is done per day and therefore you do not have to strain yourself. With this kind of work out, your body is able to burn calories faster giving way to atoned body.

Flavia’s Full Body Lisicous program doesn’t require you to use expensive gym equipment. If you aren’t in position to access a gym in your area, you can as well use simple work out tools such as dumbbells. The extra information on how to work out with these tools is given free of charge because Flavia knows that not everybody is able to access a gym.

Another benefit that comes with the program is the fact that it’s easy to follow and understand. Flavia uses simple instructions and then demonstrates so that you are able to do the same if you are using the DVD version. You can as well get the PDF print outs that explain the work outs with illustrations and wording. The PDF’s would be appropriate when going to a gym and you just want to take a peek to confirm the technique you should use next.

Finally, getting a program created by someone who has already used the system to shed weight is an advantage by itself. Flavia took the time to test the program before selling it to other people and she has proven that the program is legit. Furthermore, she is already an expert and knows exactly, out of experiences, which are the best work outs and nutrition for the perfect model body. The program comes with a money back guarantee that you can get your money back if the program doesn’t work for you. Nevertheless, you are needed to put effort on your side and not wait for the program to work magic for you. You will be required to do a lot of exercising and observe the recommended diet for good results.